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  • As we know the books are our best friend they can guide us in every field of success. no metter what difficulties we have in life books can solve them. There is a huge collection of knowledge inside these little bundle of pages. The person who have nothimg in his life can get everything with the power of books. Without books human life is incomplete because a life without knowledge have no sense. As we seeing our country there are so many people who fight against poverty and I think books are the best weapon for it. That's why once a legend said 'give them the weapon of books they can won the war of poverty' and the most important things about books is they can share our feelings through it. If a person knows the value of books surely he can achive his good in life. And definitely we are lucky that we have capacity of reading book as no other species can do obuiously we are the top most species of this universe. Books are the beautiful thing created by the precious authours they are decorated with the simplicity humanity and heritage and these are the most powerful character of human being. Books are the magic which can change human life.

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Through this book donation, we hope that you can give us the book you are not using through this website. We will come to your house and collect your book from you and this book will be given to all those students who need it. This is our AIM through this website that we will contribute to the field of education and we request you to help us in it because without you. It is difficult and it will free all there will be no charge to you. We hope that you will definitely help us in the needy people's education. Thank you.


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